Where  Music   Meets  Motion


For me, there was no other way. Ever since that moment at the age of six in 1983, when my father first took me to the cinema to watch Star Wars “Return of the Jedi”, I somehow knew that it was my path – to compose music for films. I can still recall childhood excitement as the first scene started with lines written “in a galaxy far, far away” followed by the John Williams’ music.
It took me some time to realize that it was the music that made the movie even more magical than it already was. I pursued my dreams to compose, to make picture more alive and vivid and deepen the emotions spectators are to feel in front of the cinema screen. From this point, with hundreds movies watched and dozens projects for which I wrote music, I realize that once it is written and put into air, just like a human being, music starts its own life, aside the studio, aside the screen.
It is the music that makes us both smile and cry instantly, emphasizing the human touch in all humans. It creates bonds and bridges between people, regardless the language they speak or passport they have. Combined with the powerful art of film, it reminds us all in these times of challenge that to be is to feel.